19 Secrets From the World’s Top Email Marketers

When it comes to e-newsletters, everyone knows that your subject line is the silver bullet. Yet there’s so much more to email marketing — starting with what we call it.

For example, think about the message you’re sending when you refer to your emails as a “blast.” Do you really want to conjure up an image of spam clogging an inbox?

Or consider your sign-up form. Do you thoughtlessly ask people to “subscribe” or to “submit” their email address? C’mon, you can do better than that! Take a cue from the presidential aspirants, who carefully label their call-to-action buttons “I’m in” (Ted Cruz) and “Join us” (Hillary).

In other words: seize every opportunity for a semantic nudge.

I call tactics like these “overlooked opportunities,” and in this workshop, I walk through example after example — good and bad — from companies of all sizes, across various industries. My promise to you: not only are these tactics easy to implement; they’re also ignored by most websites. Embrace ‘em, and you’ll be clicks ahead of your competitors.