Let’s talk about your brand; your elevator pitch; your cover letter; your résumé; your LinkedIn profile; and job searching.

Professional Branding 101

Whether you know it or not, you’re carrying around a brand online. But in this matter you have a choice: You can brand yourself, or you can be branded. You can actively own your identity, or you can be a passive receptacle of default settings.

Indeed, it’s no longer enough to rely on 1.0 staples like the presence of a LinkedIn profile or a company website. Your brand now encompasses everything from the search results when your name is Googled to your email signature.

This workshop will walk you through a series of best practices to establish and protect your digital brand. By the end, you’ll enjoy a working knowledge of the tools and techniques that will equip you to:

  • Identify your brand through the eyes of your stakeholders

  • Build your brand using the most popular digital channels

  • Monitor and measure your progress

Elevator Pitches

Avoid these cardinal sins.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter should answer three questions, which you can remember by the acronym, “EAR.”


Every bullet point on your résumé should fulfill the “VNR” formula.


LinkedIn is an indispensable but often underused social network. Let’s unleash its power and start optimizing your presence here. As a result, you’ll build your brand, demonstrate thought leadership, advance your career, and even generate leads.

In this workshop, we’ll walk through your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom, and help you to perfect it in accordance with LinkedIn’s algorithms. Topics we’ll cover include the following:

  • Do you know what your “social selling index” is?

  • Which keywords should you use in your bio?

  • Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to create a custom headline?

  • What’s the best way to get endorsements and recommendations?

  • Are you connecting (or “linking in”) with people the wrong way?

  • Do you display your activities, or your accomplishments?

  • Are groups useful?

  • Do you embed any links to demonstrate your projects?

Let’s give your LinkedIn profile the prominence it deserves.

Job Searching

Whether you know it or not, recruiters are looking at you every day — Googling your name, scrutinizing your tweets, scanning your inadvertently public Facebook posts.