9 Secrets That Will Make Your Headline Go Viral

“Let’s put it on our website.” The refrain is increasingly common, but, as always, there’s a right way and a wrong way.

An amateur will do what’s easiest: copy and paste. But a pro knows that merely to copy and paste is to deprive readers of the web’s richness. Shifting copy from dead trees to web browsers is both art and science.

The art: to write for the web, you need to be not only a writer, but also a marketer, a designer, and a publicist. The science: to write for the web, you need to understand how people read on the web.

To this end, we’ll review the differences between reading something designed for a monitor and something designed for print. We’ll walk through the best practices of web writing. We’ll study a variety of good and bad examples. And we’ll intersperse exercises throughout so that you learn by doing.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll:

  • Know how to craft and test powerful headlines
  • Understand how to satisfy your readers’ cravings for visual cues, such as lists, bullets, tables, and headings
  • Understand the importance of images
  • Write in a web-friendly tone

And while we’re on the subject of headlines, let’s not forget its sister subject: headings.