Let’s talk about business writing 101; headlines; numbers; visual aids; and editing.

Business Writing 101

In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll help you hone your thoughts into writing that’s accessible, fluid, and energetic. To make things easy and memorable, we’ll walk through 11 myths (for example: “by writing densely, I’ll impress everyone”) and 11 maxims (for example: “write the way you speak”). We conclude with a group exercise.


Headlines are the closest thing writers have to a silver bullet. Don’t waste ‘em.


When faced with lots of facts and figures, many people recoil. Big numbers can be intimidating.

That’s both unfortunate and fixable. In fact, even if you’re terrible at math, I can help you make numbers meaningful.

In this workshop, you’ll learn not only how to analyze any kind of metric, but also how to crank it down into familiar comparisons that even your grandmother can immediately understand. You’ll learn how to translate statistics into stories.

We’ll conclude with a group exercises in which you’ll apply these lessons to humanize various statistics.

As a result, you’ll be able to comb through any chart, database, or spreadsheet, and emerge with an essential takeaway that everyone remembers. With unflagging consistency, you’ll be able to turn metrics into meaning.

Visual Aids

All smart writers know a secret. They know that what you write — your words by themselves — is only half of any project. The other half is how those words look — everything from your font size to your margin widths. Packaging and presentation matter more than most people appreciate.


Not a rehash of grammar, but handy, memorable tips you can immediately apply.