Let’s talk about salesmanship; cover letters; elevator pitches; email marketing; phone calls; and PowerPoint.


Whether you know it or not, you’re always selling something. Whether it’s a client, colleague, manager, investor, or business partner, you’re constantly trying to win someone else over to your point of view.

The good news is that salesmanship can be learned. You just need to internalize a variety of time-tested psychological techniques that the best salesmen have been plying since time immemorial.

With these arrows in your quiver, I promise you two things:

1. You’ll better qualify your leads.

2. You’ll land more business.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter should answer three questions, which you can remember by the acronym, “EAR.”

Elevator Pitches

Avoid these cardinal sins.

Email Marketing

If you’re like most businesspeople today, you’ve never received any training about how to properly and effectively send email; you just picked things up along the years. It’s no wonder why most of corporate America has a love-hate relationship with email. We can’t live with its nonstop frequency, yet we can’t live without its utility.

Let this presentation remedy that and make you work smarter, not harder. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of communicating via email, with a special emphasis on tactics to ensure that you’re not only understood, but, equally important, that you’re not misunderstood.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are easy to screw up.

What’s worse, you likely won’t know you could have done better, or even what you could have done, because there’s no formal training in this subject.

That’s why we’re here today: To equip you with the knowledge you need to speak with confidence and vigor.


Everyone thinks they hate PowerPoint. Yet what they actually hate is not the tool, but the way the tool is used. Here’s the truth: when used appropriately, a slide deck can be indispensable and indelible — not a necessary evil, but a powerful aid.

You too can deliver a deck as if you were Steve Jobs. You just need to unlearn all the bad habits you’ve seen across corporate America.

Each attendee will receive three things:

•    A copy of the PowerPoint presentation
•    A list of websites for free or low-cost graphics
•    A cheat sheet with the techniques we discussed