The 17 Most EMBARRASSING Mistakes You’re Making IN YOUR News Releases: What PR Pros Can Learn From Today’s Buzziest News Outlets

Never have so many written so much, saying so little, to be read by so few.

What does this sad state of affairs refer to?

Here’s a hint: The hard drive of every PR pro is crammed full of them. And the inbox of every reporter is groaning from them.

If you guessed “news releases,” pat yourself on the back.

The news release is the staple of the public-relations industry. And yet, bound by conventions that suffocate originality and don’t play well with multimedia, most releases today are the very definition of clichéd and boring. “I’m dying to read their news release,” said no one ever.

That’s regrettable — and remediable. The trick: You need to stop thinking like a flack and start thinking like a hack — specifically, like a writer at today’s buzziest news outlets.

As a result of this highly interactive workshop, you’ll learn a baker’s dozen of battle-tested tactics to ensure that your next release sparks the attention it deserves. Topics we’ll cover include:

•    The things you’re doing — which you likely don’t even realize — which drive reporters nuts and make them ignore you.

•    How to correct those obvious-only-in-retrospect mistakes you’ve been making all your life (“because that’s how everyone else has always done it”).

•    The right way to incorporate images, videos, and links into your release, so that people think you’re tech-savvy (even if you’re not).

•    How to write a headline that ignites a reporter’s curiosity (without falling prey to sensationalism).

•    Why you should always write a subheadline.

•    The best — and worst — ways to distribute your release.